On-Board, Mobile, Industrial and Miscellaneous Scales & Weighing

Medical Patient Scales & Weighing
On-Board, Mobile, Industrial and Miscellaneous Scales & Weighing

WeightCheck On-Board Weighing Systems

Turn your vehicle in to a dynamic weighing system, save time and money.
On-Board weighing equipment for Fork Lift Trucks, Telescopic Handlers, Wheeled Loaders, Skid Steers, Excavators.  Utilising the vehicle hydraulics to produce a weighing signal.
Load Cell based units for Tele Handlers, Fork Lift Trucks, Hand and Powered Pallet Trucks.  A convenient conversion turns your truck in to a weighing system with accuracies from 500grammes.

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WeightCheck Industrial & Processing Instruments & Controllers

SYSTEM 4 Weighing Instrument, EU approval number UK2462.  For standard weighing applications, semi automatic filling systems, weigh bridge applications ans many more. 

EU approved indicator/comntroller

SYSTEM 3 Weighing Instrument for use in standard weighing, filling systems, control applications and many more.  Over 400 software versions, available in a range of enclosures and power options.  Custom software to suit most most weighing

Indicator/Controller with over 400 software versions

SYSTEM 51 Instrument, low cost weighing indicator with tare and pre set tare.  Also available in EU approved version with full range tare, EU approval certtificate UK2668.

Low Cost, EU Approved or standard use Indicator

SYSTEM 3 twin unit used for semi automatic filling / dosing system for food preparation.  SYSTEM 3 is suitable for all types of processing and control applications.  Whether it is bag filling, desludging control or dynamic check weighing, SYSTEM 3 is the solution.

Dual Display Indicator Controller

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WeightCheck Platform & Bench Scales

All sizes and capacities of floor and bench scales are available.  Capacities from 1kg to 10,000kg, manufactured from mild and stainless steel.  We have a full custom build facility to suit all applications.

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WeightCheck Miscellaneous Products

AccuCheck a range of fast response check weighers and portion control scales.  These scale are manufactured completely from stainless steel with ingress protection to IP65.  They are available as battery or mains operated in a range of capacities with 6kg, 15kg and 30kg as standard.

Quick speed response check weigher

TravelCheck, are you worried about over weight baggage, excess baggage charges, not sure what to pack or what to carry. TravelCheck is a coin operated suit case weigher providing a quick, simple way of checking the suitcase weight before leaving the hotel for the airport.  This scale is available in a variety of vends and has instructions in 5 languages.

Coin Operated Luggage Weigher

KegCheck, best selling keg weigher providing a display of the contents of a barrel or keg in gallons, pints & litres.  This system allows for Specific Gravity to be stored along with keg tare weights, thus giving the most accurate product reading.  This system also weighis in kg and pounds to a capacity of 200kg and an accuracy of just 100g.  Rechargeable battery operation KegCheck will operate for up to 40 hours on a full charge.

Accuracy of 1/4 pint

WeightCheck, coin operated scale for public use.  With the ever growing awareness of health & fitness issues more and more people are regularly checking their weight.  WeightCheck is the ideal scale for health clubs, gymnasia and other public places. 

Coin Operated Person scale

WeighMOVE Axle Weigher, available in 3 standard capacities 2000kg; 5000kg and 10,000kg.  Mobile weighing pads offering an accurate temporary or fixed axle weighing system.  Coupled to one of Weighcare's indicators these units can be used stand alone or with wheel posoition indicators and print outs.

Axle Weigher
Up to 20.000kg available

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